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Opinions about Raybestos Element3 Hybrid Technology brake pads

My goto brake pads have been the Wagner Thermoquiet ceramic OEM pads, but looking at RockAuto, these Raybestos pads look pretty good. Anyone use them? Going on a 2014 Subaru Legacy, 105k miles.

convert your car into hybrid technology by simply installing some special brake pads?
wow, I would go for it :slight_smile:

The hybrid technology is combining ceramic with semi-metallic pads. Nothing to do with other hybrids such as the union of a horse and donkey creat a mule.

Mine are carbon metallics.They byte a lot better than my old set of ceramics.

My experience with high performance brake pads is that unless you upgrade to high performance tires, the wheels tend to lock up easier. The pads should match the tires in performance. I may be upgrading to the new Michelin CrossClimate+ tires that did so good in TireRack testing and customer reviews so maybe a small upgrade in brake pads would be OK.