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Opinion After Accident

So here is my problem. I was recently in a accident where another person slammed right into my front tire on my 01 Honda Civic. I took the car to a body shop to repair, and the only mechanical work that was done was install a new tire. Everything else was body work. So I’ve been driving the car around for a few days, and have noticed a weird noise. Yesterday, the noise became unavoidable and I took it back to have it looked at.

They tell me that I am missing a bolt from my brake caliper on that wheel. The auto body shop says this could not be caused from the accident, b/c the bolt is just gone. It’s not bent or broke, but just gone. My take on this was…I have had no issues with this wheel until the accident, couldn’t the accident have broke the bolt and the last few days the bolt has been working its way out.

Is my logic flawed? Is the body shop right? Can you lose a caliper bolt from the brake because of a accident? Thanks.