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Opening doors

I’m doing some research on cars with unique opening doors. I know Lamborghini and wonder if there are any more?

Tesla Model X

Don’t forget the Delorean

And the infamous and short-lived Bricklin. Mercedes still makes a gull wing model as well.

Maybe Google 1st! :wink:

Research papers made easy huh. Just go to Wiki. Of course the information is not verified there anymore than here, but I’m amazed at how fast you folks zero in on the information.

Now the real question is why would anyone spend the time and effort to change the hinge on that car? Had to be a lot of work unless the guy found out the left door would fit on the right and all you had to do was change the window frame and strike plate.

Some Hummers and Jeeps came with removeable doors.

That Nova is too pretty to butcher up. Access is made more difficult and there’s always that nagging safety issue. As far as I know the Feds mandated safety changes back in the 60s that led to the demise of suicide style doors and the 4 door Lincolns with a pair of them.

Suicide doors are still legal as long as they meet the crash standards. Rolls Royce still uses them.

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OP didn’t mention a paper. I’m guessing it’s simple curiosity which is what I use Wikipedia for. My curiosity leans toward obscure and I have better luck finding that type of info there. The Nova appears to be another example of just because you can does not mean you should.

Wikipedia seems to have missed the sliding rear doors on most minivans…

Remembering some small European car, Isetta? the door was on the front of the car.

I think that current BMW owners would like to forget that this was their marque’s first foray into the post-war car market in The US.
The ultimate driving machine?
I think NOT…

Note: The Isettta was actually an Italian design, but it was built by several companies, under license.
IIRC, all of the ones that were imported into The US were made by BMW.

My dad had one when I grew up in Germany. He took my brother and I around town (Berlin) to punish us when we messed up. Scary as heck to drive next to a huge truck.

Early 1950s Kaiser Darrin, the doors slid forward into the fender.

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LOL, Barky, I have the great memory of having driven a friend’s Isetta a few times in the early '70s! It’s a really fun little car… but you wouldn’t want to take one cross-country! :stuck_out_tongue:

ISO, the company that originally came out with the Isetta (which was ultimately leased to other manufacturers for production), was a maker of scooters and refrigerators. I often wonder of their refrigerator products influenced their door design!

@the_same_mountainbik Thought that door handle looked familiar, was on my fridge!

Hmmmmmm y’know, you’re right!

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Tesla Model X!

@cdaquila-Carolyn, did someone flag the above post by mistake ?