Open spark plug

I have never read where this was an issue for anyone, but it is sorta a car question. Well an ATV question. Twice now I’ve troubleshot a no-start issue leading to the same problem with an ATV. Once a 500 Polaris and once with a 500 Suzuki. Both times, the spark plug is dead. The plug looks clean (no carbon build up)but won’t fire. As soon as a new plug is installed, problem fixed. Is there something I’m not aware of that might be building up on the plug electrode, and drying and causing a center electrode-to-ground short?

I’ve seen it…years ago with Champion and Autolite plugs. Haven’t used them since. I did a tuneup on one car. Should have taken me 1 hour…took me almost 3. I ASSUMED the new plugs I was putting in were good. Of the 8…3 were bad. What a pain…Been using NGK or AC-Delco since…and WON’T switch.