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Opel Astra H 1.8

Hello. I am having a problem with my 2007 Chevrolet Opel Astra h 1.8
Recently as i was driving down the highway my car shut off. As it shut off all the service lights on my dashboard were flashing. Well i do not what the problem is. Had the fuses checked. My starter. My alternator. My battery is fine. Almost new. We tried connecting a scanner and it would not let us access the ECU. Is it perhaps the Ecu? What would u suggest?

My remote for locking and unlocking my doors has also failed.

I suspect you are in Europe. Take your vehicule to a good independant mechanic for troubleshooting because many things can cause your issue. Don’t throw parts at it,get it diagnosed properly.

Hi thank u for your response. I am in mexico actually. And i tried troubleshooting. What i think hapoened is my car reprogrammed itselg and jow my keys dont work. But everyone i went too here does not have the proper scanner for my car. Ao i ordered one to see if it would help.

The BCM may have failed.


Would u know whete the bcm is located? Thank u

A Saturn is basically an Opel.

And here’s where Saturn mounts the BCM