Opel Astra 2001 flooded in the back of the passanger seat

Hello! The floor on the back drivers side of my 2001 Astra is absolutely soaking wet. It happened one day that my car was flooded with water in the back of the driver seat aswell in the front to the pedals First the amount of water was big enough but after the sponge from the back of the pasanger seat and the floor sponge that is underneath got soaked with water. Its imposible for me to sqweeze the water from the sponge. Now its not leaking from nowhere its just the water that remained in the sponge. My question is how is that possible to find myself flooded with water only in the back and front of passager seat. Its seems that all water came from the back of the driver seat on the floor. What should i espect next that is going to happen? is this going to damage my car in the near future?

Water is a contrarian combatant, try to keep it in it gets out, try to keep it out it gets in. Have a sunroof? If so first place to look. Mold and mildew are the first issues, followed by rust.

I put a damprid in my camry when my son left the window down in a storm. It worked great. No moldy smell. Window, trunk and sun roofs are the most common source of leaks.

I can not tell from the OP’s post where the water came from but I think they are referring to carpet pad being soaked rather than a sponge. If that is correct the carpet will have to be removed to dry completely. If they really had water up to the pedals they could have electrical problems in the future. OPEL ASTRA is a European model so English might be difficult for the OP.

Whats a “damprid”?

I did a search and DAMPRID or DAMP RID is a product name for crystals that absorb moisture from the air. It said nothing about actually soaking up water,

Yes it absorbs moisture from the air. I dried out the carpets and seat the best I could and placed the damprid in the closed car. It absorbed the moisture that evaporated from the interior.