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Oops, didn't disconnect the battery

I was changing the clutch on my truck (2006 Silverado) and per usual the first step is to disconnect the battery. Only I ignored it this time while I removed driveshafts, cross members, etc so I could listen to the AFC championships on the radio. :roll_eyes: Hours later I went to remove the starter, forgetting the battery was connected, and ground it out on the frame as I set it aside. Smoke immediately started pouring from the battery area and in a panic I disconnected the negative terminal. The aftermath showed a ground going from the negative terminal to the frame had melted and both terminal posts were hot enough they deformed. Any electricians out there with guesses as to what I fried? My replacement list so far is:
Terminal connections
Ground wire
Check fuses
Inspect/ replace starter
Anything else?

The ground wire became a heating element, while at the same time the battery supplied the amperage to create that heating element.

Replace the ground wire/battery, and cross your fingers.