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Online course on car buying

I’m putting together an online course on car shopping. Since we’re nearing the best time of the year, I went ahead and published this lecture below on best times to buy a car. Please check it out and let me know if it was helpful. Stay tuned for more.

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Everything anyone needs to know about buying a car can be found in Tom and Ray Magliozzi’s books Should I Buy, Lease, or Steal My Next Car? and How to Buy a Great Used Car.

They’re not easy to find anymore. They’re probably out of print, but if you can find them, they’re still very helpful.

I am going to call this post spam. Advertising your YouTube channel is not allowed.

@cdaquila Please make the call, I will refrain from marking it spam.


I flagged it for moderation .

I was planning to wait until I’m able to watch the video to flag it. If it’s useful, and it doesn’t shill any products, it might be worth keeping.

I guess I better save the link in case it’s gone later.

The video itself is the product. Views and subscribers are what generates revenue.

Yeah, I get that, but with an ad blocker, you don’t see YouTube’s commercials.

Looking at the user’s profile on YouTube, this is his first video, so I’m willing to consider whether the video has merit, even though I don’t make the rules, or make the call on whether it stays or goes.

I’m just saying we should watch the video to determine whether it is really spam or it is intended to purely educate. Not everyone who posts on YouTube expects to make money.

If OP believes they have some useful ideas on car buying, besides the vdo, consider posting them to a website too, as a written document. Many people – me for example – can’t abide vdo’s that go much over 2 minutes. Just too boring. I can read probably 6 pages in that same time and it is easy to skip over the parts that don’t interest me, saving even more time. .

Tom and Ray used to have a couple pages here on how to buy a car. Written by an actual professional car salesman (wearing plaid pants as I recall … lol). It had some good info. The idea was to help equalize the buyer/seller, but it also said the experienced professional seller just has so much going for them the buyer will never be on quite the same footing. But better some help than no help. I don’t know how to find that link or even if it still exists here on the CarTalk website.

Edit: Ooops … I think I found the link

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I saw the flag, and I will look at it. My thoughts on what is spam and what is not have gotten muddier. How does word get around about some products? I am hesitant to call everything spam because sometimes I think erring on the side of calling things spam may inadvertently stifle some discussion here. I guess it’s my version of the Potter Stewart pornography test – I know it when I see it. This may disappear once I get home and watch it.

Here is a link to the Deep Plaid thread in this forum. It may be 10 years old, but it’s still relevant.

I watched the video and I’m pretty sure it’s not spam. It’s painfully slow delivery, but it is informative and fact-based knowledge.