One wiper not working

I have a 2003 cadillac deville and one windshield wiper is not working at all. We have lots of snow and that might be somehow related. Do all cars only have one wiper motor? Should i be able to fix this myself? any help appreciated

Modern cars only have one wiper motor. The levers that tranmit the power from the wiper motor to the wiper arms is probably at fault. Either the lever that transmits the power from the motor to the wiper arm that is not functioning has come loose at the motor which should be simple to fix, or the knurled end where the wiper arm fits is stripped. This will involve replacement of the wiper transmission. You can look under the hood to see which is the case.

Some prewar cars had a wiper motor for each windshield wiper, although the right hand windshield wiper was an option. I’m certain that this isn’t the case with a 2003 Cadillac.