One trip permit Question

Hi, do you need registration, or a license plate to get a one trip permit from the dmv?

Can you get multiple one trip permits?

Varies state to state. Which state?

What country are you in? What state?

A google search to find your local registration office’s website would give you the answer you seek.

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A trip permit is for a vehicle that is not registered, you do not need a license plate. You do need to show proof of insurance to be issued the permit.


It is California

Would this be the same for California?

Check with the California Motor vehicle dept. and you will get the correct answer.


Information on the link below, scroll down the page to “one trip permit”.

Vehicle Registration Permits - California DMV


One Trip Permit (CVC §4003)

A one trip permit may be issued for a fee, in lieu of California registration, to move a vehicle required to be registered:

So it looks like you can use a one trip permit on an unregistered vehicle. Which is what I was trying to do at the DMV. The lady told me that I couldn’t get one without registration or a license plate. I specifically mentioned “one trip permit”. She told me that once I get registration then it will be free, but what is the point then??
I don’t understand this, is she confused or playing games?

Call the DMV BACK and ask questions until it’s clear to you. What’s so difficult. We don’t have your answers the DMV does.


And a different employee at the DMV may have a different answer.

He would still have a better chance of the correct answer from a live DMV employee that he can actually talk to, than a random forum poster that sometimes will take days just to get the wrong answer.


What with the legal-language etc, DMV’s seem to go out of their way to make stuff like this confusing.

Oh, oh, another of George’s stories … lol

When I first moved to Calif from another state I had to turn in my prior state’s license plates and get new Calif plates. The lady at the DMV counter showed me the two types I had to choose from. One was blue lettering on a white background, and the other was yellow lettering on a blue background.

DMV lady: Which one do you want?
Me: The yellow and blue.
DMV lady: Confused look on her face.
DMV lady after 15 seconds of considering what I had just said: Oh, do you mean the gold and blue?

… lol …

Best to know the answer to the question before going to the DMV so as not to get the run-around from an underpaid clerk. Several times I have had to wait for a supervisor to clear things up.

I’ve had this kind of discussion at the DMV a couple of times, and the solution is to print out and carry with you your title to the car, your ID, a copy of the complete section 4003 and also section 9258 (which sets the fee) and offer them to the worker to explain your request. If they persist ask to have the request reviewed by a supervisor. Keep smiling, apologize for making their day difficult but don’t just walk away and NEVER, ever lose your temper or show anger.

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You’d think since the DMV staff likely handles this kind of request on a daily basis all you’d have to do is show up with the title, driver’s license, prior registration receipts as applicable, & proof of insurance and they’d tell you your options. Apparently not that simple.

OP: This will likely be easier if you make a DMV appointment first. I wonder if this could be done by mail?

Mail ? Like in the United States Postal Service ? You can’t be serious . That can be done over the web or even by a toll free phone number .

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How would you show the DMV your title over the phone?

The same way you would present your proof of insurance. Many people have no experience with the DMV and are in the dark.

Today I had a vehicle in for a failed battery, 30,000-mile service and emissions test (expired registration). The service writer informed the owner that she would need to drive the vehicle 80 to 100 miles after replacing the battery to complete the emission monitors.

The owner stated that driving that far with expired registration was unreasonable. I replied that normally the owner would obtain a temporary movement permit to drive the vehicle for emission testing. The owner was told by a DMV clerk that the vehicle must first pass the emission test and be registered before a temporary permit could be issued, that is absurd.

Before this discussion with the service writer I had driven the vehicle and completed the emission test, I would not send a customer though this type of meat grinder.

Seems that more people who are unfamiliar with the vehicle registration process reply than those who are.