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One Really Neat Lady

There are ‘homes’ full of people the age of this woman who are just sitting around waiting to die.

Here: A role model


Nice story. I wish I’d seen a seat belt somewhere in the clip. Hoping there was a lap belt I didn’t see.


Isn’t it amazing how maintaining a car properly can extend its life?
That old car even looks better than most of the vehicles that you see parked in a Wal-Mart parking lot!

On this site, we hear each day of people whose cars are ready for the junk yard after 90,000 miles, due to lack of maintenance, yet this woman has gotten over 540,000 miles out of her car. Clearly, she has read her Owner’s Manual!

Great clip; that car was just an average compact, as I recall, and like many Fords, it was rust-prone. She must have done an exceptional job keeping it clean and dry. The original sellig price was probably around $3000 or so fully equipped.


Just got my sound going and the $3289 she paid was a good price. My 1965 Dodge Dart V8 came to $3100, but did not have A/C. As I recall, by 1964 the front seats had to have seat belts; my Dart had both front and rear, since I paid for the “optional” rear “deluxe” seatbelt package with “built-in” retractors.

She has a pistol…she IS a pistol!

What a spunky gal she is!!! I love it.

Interesting how she has managed to put lifetime warranty parts from various sources on the car for years and thereby kept down the maintenance costs. It must have taken some careful picking and choosing what parts to get from which source, as oftentimes the big chain operations tend to be problems to deal with for good work.

How cool! I had a girlfriend in high school (1991) who’s mom had a 1966 six cylinder mustang she bought new. At the time it had close to 450k on it and was driven everyday. I still see her driving it on occasion. I can’t imagine what the mileage is up to. Like the car in this video, not a show car, but in good condition.

A 66 Mustang driven driven through 43 New England winters HAS to be some kind of record.