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One brake light out on Scion xB

I have a 2006 Scion xB that has one brake light out (passenger side). I have replaced the bulb with a new bulb and it still doesn’t work. Since only one light is out, this leads me to believe this is not a fuse problem (is this correct?) What should I be checking for? Is this a possible ground issue and if so what do I check for and how is this remedied? I do know some about cars but don’t really have experience with electrical besides changing bulbs or fuses.

It could be a fuse. Sometime the two sides are fused separately. Check the fuse chart in the owner’s manual.

Trace the ground wire to see where it attaches to the vehicle. The connection should be clean and tight.

Thanks for your reply. The owner’s manual for my car is like Owner’s Manual For Dummies and doesn’t include an actual fuse chart with the fuse locations. I was able to find the chart online and verified that all brake lights in xB’s run off the same fuse so it wouldn’t be a fuse issue.

How do I know which wire is the ground wire? Is it generally a certain color?

Your replacement bulb might be bad. This would be most unusual, but try swapping the two bulbs to find out.

If you have a voltmeter or a 12v test lamp, make sure you are getting voltage to the socket when an assistant steps on the brake pedal. You must also check for corrosion in the socket.

The ground wire is typically black. Use an ohmmeter to ensure a good connection. If you report your results here, we can offer further advice.

Thanks for your info. The replacement bulbs are not bad as I tested them in the other brake light. The original bulb that I thought was bad is also not bad as I tested this in the other light, too. There is definitely no corrosion in the socket as I did check for that.

I don’t have a voltmeter or test lamp but do know some people who may have one so I can see if I can do the testing with them. I will also check to see if I can find anyone with an ohmmeter to test the ground wire and post any results I get.

Again, thanks everyone for your information!