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On Route 66?

Where else would one get his Nissan Kicks?

Maybe use this theme song in the ads?
Although, today, route 66 is mostly interstate 40.

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Well, I like that old TV theme song–as well as almost anything recorded by Nelson Riddle-- but I doubt if it would gain much traction with the millennials who are almost surely the target consumers for this vehicle.

Similarly, the song that I referenced in the thread title would not be one that the younger set could identify with:

It looks a lot better than the hideous Juke it replaces.

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In one of my trips west I made it a point to stop at all the nostalgic Route 66 tourist stops that I saw to enjoy a hamburger and coke. There were quite a few miles of the old highway still used by locals along I-40 in from Oklahoma to California and a few of the original 66 road markers remained. I saw a 56 Corvette at one of the diners in the desert and that model was my favorite. It was all that a sports car was supposed to be in its day.

When VJ Day came my dad was at San Francisco swapping out his European gear readying to ship to the Pacific. With hundreds of thousands of vets heading home he and some friends bought an old Studebaker and drove the 2,500+ miles to Memphis and it took them more than a week. No one had a valid drivers license and they just drove from town to town using directions from the gas stations and diners much of the time likely on Route 66 but mostly just from town to town heading east. He never became accustomed to freeway driving but rarely traveled anywhere that he couldn’t drive on the old highways.

The price is right, and it seems quite fuel efficient for what it is, but it’s small underpowered, and no AWD. It’s poseur among a field of poseurs.

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Written by BOBBY Troup- Dr Joe Early on Emergency.
Still being played/recorded today.

I have never owned an SUV or a 4 wheel drive vehicle so maybe I don’t understand the category but how can it be an SUV without 4 or all wheel drive. Why isn’t it just a small wagon?

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SUV Sport Utility Vehicle - the tag can be applied to a lot of things for advertising purposes. It really has nothing to do with the drive setup. The same goes for CUV Crossover Utility Vehicle - that tag is even more confusing. As for calling something a wagon can limit sales these days.

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1964, Flagstaff AZ; The Treefrog Inn (I think; (memory a bit hazy after all these years).

I’d call it a two door hatchback. “SUV” is a marketing term that sounds cooler than “station wagon” or “panel truck” or “van”.
What did they call the International Harvester Carryall back in the '50s?

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