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On/off switch for supercharger

i watched 40 sec of lone wolf mcquade movie with chuck norris. he is a sheriff in new mexico? and there was a scene he was driving in the desert in his dodge ramcharger and he switched on the supercharger and zoomed away from the guy following him? sweet.
any other movies with that type of setup?
besides the road warrior of course.
road warror was 1981. norris movie was 1982

Kind of like going into warp drive, in Star Wars years ago? Hit the magic button and go.

In the pretty bad movie broken arrow “stealth mode” is engaged on the B-2 bomber by pushing a button marked Stealth. lol

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Movies are full of automotive BS… As well as LOADS of other technical BS. You really need to leave your experience and education at home to enjoy some of them. At least I do.

The Mythbusters did many shows on movie myths. Many included car myths.