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On line circuit diagram for a Lexus 2013 RX350?

In the light bar I managed to fit two rear-facing turn signalamps.

Rather than running wires through the firewall to the front turn signal lamps, can the turn signal wires be tapped under the dash?

Thank you.

In the age of electronic turn signal operation and bulb outage monitors I would suggest using the trailer tow wiring in the rear. I will look into this tomorrow…

Thank you. Was wondering if this has tow wiring and where it could be accessed.
Would outage monitors detect the increased load of another 1156 bulb in the circuit?

Please do not go to any trouble. May be easier to just run two wires through the firewall heater hose rubber grommet where the siren power wires and speakers wires run.
Fortunately the turn signals are all yellow, so no tapping into turn signal wires which also do brake lights.

This Is One Of Many Situations Involving Questions That Would Probably Be Answered By Reading A Factory Service Manual.

For every one of my vehicles and including, but not limited to, outdoor powered equipment, boat motors, etcetera, I always purchase hard-copy Factory Service Manual sets. They are in my home library.

When I purchased my used Grand Prix last Fall I ordered what I was told was one of the last brand new Service Manual sets (weigh about 7 pounds) available for that Make, Model, and Model-Year.

It doesn’t cost, it pays. I get answers to questions I’m curious about and often discover features on vehicles that are not covered in the Owner’s Manual. Procedures for proper cooling system and transmission servicing, brake servicing, torque specs, special tools, wiring diagrams, trouble shooting flow-charts, programming electronics, etcetera, are in these manuals.

I read my vehicles’ “build sheet numbers” (RPO codes) and look them up in the manual and discover things about the vehicle I didn’t know were there or available to use.

Over years and years of doing this I have found that an Owner’s Manual can supplement the Service Manuals (I know it sounds counterintuitive) and I utilize both.

I realize some will say that this stuff is available online, but I like to be able to sit down and read paper books. I’ve never regretted my purchases and will continue this until paper manuals are no longer printed.

I figure these books should come with every vehicle, but don’t. So, I just complete the vehicle by getting them.

Nice to have, but how much does a factory service manual co$t?

If You Can Afford A Lexus (From what I’ve heard. They’re not sold here.) Then You Can Afford The Manuals. :wink:

Am I So Old That I’ve Outlived Books? :neutral:
I Did Some Quick Research And I Couldn’t Find Any 2013 Lexus Books. Seems Subscriptions For Online Access Are Doled Out By The Year Or Month For $Bucks.
Oh Man! Put A Fork In Me! :wink:

I start each day thinking… this isn’t the world I grew up in… just watch TV news! TV news is now like National Inquirer was 30 years, ago.

You can get the Lexus service manuals on a dvd or printed. The printed version is expensive. Have you looked up the price of a Chevy factory service manual? North of $500. I didn’t see a cheaper dvd version.

Is it actually only one manual? I haven’t actually bought one in awhile but they used to be a set. The one you need would have been the Chassis Electrical manual IIRC. Autozone used to provide schematics…not sure if they do anymore.

I’d probably do as Nevada suggested. Tap into the trailer harness and run along the trim near the headliner or along the floor to get where you want to go…

Most are sets these days.

$500 seems like a lot of money, especially to YOU old guys. Well, OK, me old guy, too. But consider how much repairs cost these days, and the $500 can be made up quickly. Just ask @“common sense answer”.

Personally I’d rather own the DVD. Cheaper and easier to look up what you need. There’s also a lot of on-line information.

Even better. Are they available from anywhere but the manufacturer? Mrs JT tought me to be price conscious.

We stopped ordering printed manuals 15 years ago, a set of manuals for each model, each year takes up a foot of shelf space.

You can try to connect your light bar signals to the turn signal wiring on the vehicle but adding more lights may cause the flasher to flash faster or not at all.

The tow converter isolates the add on lights from the vehicle so there should be no negative effects.

Thank you. If I can find those wires or access the terminal block, I can connect the 1156Y bulbs.
Everything is so tight under the dash.

You can remove a tail light easy enough and temporarily connect the light bar wiring to see how the vehicles system reacts.

Yes, thank you. I already have an old 1156 to which I soldered long wires to use as a test lamp.
If concerned about shorting something, I connect it to the wire and the current flows through the bulb preventing a direct short.