Olympia washington repair shops

Opinions please in the Olympia washington area for a good independent shop to work on 91 Explorer starter issues. I’m looking at a place called Black Lake towing and repair that I don’t see listed here in the “find a repair shop” section ( which is no surprise, my zipcode brings up only a parts place ). Opinions pro or con and other shops too.

With the added intent to establish a regular relationship with a shop who can see this truck in the future for everything from oil changes to tune ups and brakes.
thanks KG

Let’s try again today. It was late yesterday and I’ve seen no response yet.

Ford dealers have good customer service. Any shop can handle most Ford starter issues.

I would not put a lot of faith in the Mechanics Files shop listing. Anyone can list anything so it means little. Even a thief of the highest magnitude could be listed.

One guy listed in that section is in my area and he’s been dead for 4 or 5 years.

The best option on finding a shop is to check the BBB for complaints, check the court clerk’s office for any history of small claims filings, and see if they’ve been around a while.

Ford dealers have good customer service.

Since dealers are COMPLETELY INDEPENDENT from FORD…you can’t just make that blanket statement…Come to NH…I can show you a real real good Ford dealer…and one who’s owner should be sent to Iraq with a “Kill Me” sign tattoo’d on him.

One guy listed in that section is in my area and he’s been dead for 4 or 5 years.

At least he won’t be able the cheat someone.

“Kill me” signs? “At least he won’t be able to cheat someone”?

What swell comments; especially about the latter. He was an honest, straight shooting guy who suffered great bodily harm in a fatal pickup accident and is sorely missed by his family.

Maybe I should invite the family on here to respond to you???

Just a quick note about the Mechanics Files. It’s been part of our web site for 10 years now, so some shops have, of course, closed. We update the database on a daily basis, but we need to rely on our audience to let us know of changes.

It’s true-- anyone can list. Read the reviews carefully. We review postings, and we do spot some entries in which a mechanic is trying to promote his own business. Those entries are removed, as are shops about which we receive a strongly negative report. We use our staff’s best judgement, and we’re certainly not perfect, however, so ask around, and use the database as one tool in making a wise decision.


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Love all the…well…“advice”? here. Will keep one eye peeled for more. KG

well, here’s a bit more, outdated as it may be…I used Titus-Will Ford in Tacoma for all my Ford repair needs, in 1973-1977. Always believed I got quality serviced from them. Lived in Tacoma, so Olympia was out of my normal range for things automotive. I understand they are still in business at about the same location near I-5 and haven’t changed owners or names, either.

Thanx, will check them out. KG

So you’re saying that we never see negative comments because you remove them. That explains a lot. Why not let the negative comments ride just of journalistic balance?

Well, the intent of the Mechanics Files has always been to just show recommended, great mechanics. We never intended it to be a place to post negative comments about less-than-stellar shops. The Better Business Bureau already had a lot of that information, and Tom and Ray wanted a place where Car Talk visitors could find a shop.