Oldsmobile cutlass sierra 1990 wont change gears..well kinda

hey my oldsmobile cutlass sierra 1990 is having some problems…lately i noticed its been guzzling a lot more gas than usual…then yesterday the car stopped switching into high gear, it remains in 1st or 2nd and if i get to 50 miles an hour or so it starts to shake and vibrate. i can go into reverse, and like i said the low gears seem to work alright…is my transmission exploded or am i just looking at a new filter? help!



i meant cutlass ciera!!!

By the sounds of it you’re pretty well past the point where a new filter will do anything.

You’re going to need a transmission shop - ask around for a good local one that specializes in transmissions.

With that kind of problem, you could be looking at a big maybe. As long as you do things on your own so as not to pay anybody to work on it, you can try anything, but if the screen isn’t completely blocked, I would just junk the car. It’s trying to shift but it won’t come out of 2nd. It could be a simple fix but a 1990 Cutlass isn’t really worth paying for the labor to get it going.

It could also be that the kickdown cable is stuck in the “full throttle” position. Consult a service manual for adjustment procedures.

I am assuming here that you have the TH-125 or the 3T40 transmission three speed forward transmission with locking torque converter. If you are getting a solid reverse, your high clutch pack is probably still okey.

If this were my car, I would take it by a transmission shop and have a transmission specialist diagnosis the problem. He would check the shift patterns, check the TV cable for proper adjustment, and do a line pressure test while driving. With that information he could give you an idea of what needs to be done. As previously said, a filter and fluid change might be helpful but probably there is something else wrong.

Post back if you need additional help or information. Let us know what finally is determined. TNX

your next drive should be DIRECTLY to a transmission shop. no where else. seriously. but don’t take my word for it. just go there and get it looked at.


 Is your check engine light coming on at all??