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Olds 88 goes dead, slamming door wakes it

I’ve bought a low mileage (70k) 1998 Olds 88 from my mother. Lately it’s begun going dead when the key is turned; Trip meter zeros out, clock resets, no starting. You open and slam the door a few times, and suddenly it starts like normal. Obviously electrical, obviously intermittent. Any idea where I should look?

Check and clean the cables on the battery positive and negative, both ends. Clean connections, and get a battery check also.

you will need to start with the basics. Have the battery tested, the Zone does this for free I believe. Remove and clean battery terminals. Clean grounds. Remove all the fuses and clean connections with electrical cleaner. Of course fuses may not need done, but through the years I have had lots of fixes through cleaning fuse blocks. If memory serves me right, you also have a power distribution center under the hood. That’s where you’ll find maxi fuses.