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Old toyota hesitates

I have an 87 Toyota Corolla with 108K mileage. It generally runs well but has a habit of hesitating when I press the gass too quickly in order to speed up and often when I go around a corner. It seems like the gas just isn’t getting through. Anyone have any ideas about this problem?

What has the maintenance history been? Has the car gotten regular service like tune ups, oil changes, and filters? If not, its time to do all of that. If so, the post some more info about what has been done.


If so, you need to take it someone who understands carbs. Hesitating when you press the gas too quickly may be due to a failing accelerator pump, hesitating when you go around corners may be due to a bad float, or both may be float related.

Slight hesitation on hard acceleration may even be normal. Since your pistons are constantly drawing in air, a sudden large influx of air is drawn in the instant you floor the pedal removing the restriction of the throttle plate. The puff of gas that is shot into the venturi by the accelerator pump takes a moment to travel to the cylinders, so there is a momentary lean condition. That is normal on carburated engines.

Hesitating when going around the corner is more than likely a float problem.

If it’s fuel injected, you may poke fun at me.