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Car wants to stall

I have an 85 Corolla stick shift with 226000 miles, it wants to stall when the engine is hot at the stop signs or red lights. I took it to a mechanic, he changed the intake mainefold gasket, oil and oil filter. That not only did not fix the idle speed, it also caused the car to hesitate in lower gears. I took it to Toyota dealer, they changed the Vacume advanced solonoid, and cleaned the carburator, also replaced some vacume lines that the first mechanic had damaged. The hesitation went away but the idle speed is still not good. I adjusted the idle speed screw it is a little better. I spent over $1000 and still the problem exists. Any advice on what thing could be causing the problem and how to fix it.



when you say “the engine is hot” do you mean “normal operating temperature” or “overheating?”

Can you keep it from wanting to stall if you press lightly on the accelerator?

With a carburetor that old you really should check for vacuum leaks at the carb. base and the throttle shafts. If there are screws holding the venturi’s, they may be loose. It may be that the carb. needs a rebuild. Not many people even remember how to work on or diagnose carb. problems any more.

I think I would look around for anyplace where something hot (like an exhaust part or a radiator hose, comes close to a fuel part (pump line etc.)

The normal operating temperature not overheated. I can press the gas paddle and keep it going. Sometimes I might not succeed keeping it alive.

Thanks for the response.

I don’t think there are any fuel parts that are contacting the exhaust or radiator hose.