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Old time snow blower

snow blower

Wow, what a machine!


Impressive! That snowblower truck looks ahead of its time.

Check this one out:


What a machine

That machine was made in Kenosha, WI, Winther motors, bet those spikes on the wheels explain the chips in the brick pavers! First night of snow plow training guy told me of a plow driver did not see a little old lady pedestrian on the sidewalk until too late and near buried her, stopped and helped her out, she was fine, but a good story. Just to continue the first night of training, gee those wires look low I said, no worries said my trainer, only took an hour or so to get cleared to move or exit the vehicle, then oops he misjudged the edge of the road, ended up having to call a front end loader to pull us out of the ditch, so he let me drive, too far from the mailboxes on a street with no curb, closer he says, closer he says, closer he says, learned how to call in to report a demolished mailbox. Not as bad as the guy that got canned from snowplowing while leaving his box up while going under a bridge.


That’s the No Compromise edition :wink:

In a James Bond movie, ‘On Her Majesty’s Secret Service’ a bad guy went through a rotary pole.
If you search Youtube, you might find videos of steam powered railroad rotary plows working the Rockies.

Towns in Central NY have them. Too much snow in short periods of time that make snow plows ineffective.

The town of Somerville, NJ used to have a smaller version of the machine shown in Steve’s post. Periodically over the years, the news media would show Somerville’s 1930s-vintage machine in action, but because there hasn’t been any publicity about it for several years, I think that they probably had to retire that old machine.