Old junkyard photo, can anybody place it?

This hangs on the wall at Rotary Garage in Augusta ME. The guys at the shop don’t know where the photo was taken, do any of you recognize it? It looks like New England with the connected buildings and door/window/rooflines, looks like model t-ish cars, so circa 1920’s? The building says “Allan Smith Mfr”, and it looks like (T)IRE Co.


Ooops, here’s the photo, http://www.flickr.com/photos/74046857@N00/5296972332/

There was an allen smith associated with the goodyear tire and rubber company. That’s all I cam up with.

Thanks! I’ll do some more poking around… Sadly I think most people who would actually recognize/remember this place are gone.

It’s also possible that the company itself was gone well before computers were invented. There may be no trace of the company on the internet.

I enjoyed the photo though. Just looking at the scrap heaps of the old cars is interesting.

I knew people from Waterville who always admired the junk yards that they knew when they were younger. I’ll bet it was a nearby place. Yes, they have some “aged vehicles” in their yards.

maybe i’ll take a “field” trip up there sometime