Old Car for Brooklyn Street



Looking to spend less than $3,000 on a hunk of junk that will run for next 3 years while living in Brooklyn and parking on street.

Looking for recommendations of old cars (not antiques or vintage) that are perfect for parking on the street in small spaces where bumps, scraps, and vandalism could be common.

MINI Coopers are too expensive. Think early to mid 90’s Jeep Wranglers, late 1960’s or 70’s Boxters, etc.

Ultimately want short enough car to park in tight spaces, with some hip factor.

Any suggestions for reliable car in category above?


Hip factor and less than $3000? Time to re think. Dare to be dull.


You need something plain and common not a Jeep for heaven’s sake. Get something like a Ford Taurus that are a dime a dozen and no one wants, a Pontiac Grand Am, Buick or something similar. Anything under 100K will do just fine.



I have a friend that used to live in the Bronx. He was an emergency room surgeon and had to live near work. He drove a Pinto. You might find something similarly unpopular.

1998 Chevy Cavalier
1998 Chevy Metro
1998 Dodge Neon
1998 Ford Escort
1998 Ford Contour
1998 Mitsubishi Mirage
1998 Plymouth Breeze
1998 Suzuki (anything)


Not sure if enough hipness however the VW GTI 82-90 fits the bill. Lots of spunk to those cars and a hoot to drive.


Thank you to everyone who replied. Great suggestions. I saw an old Acura Integra that might fit the bill. Thanks again.