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Olaf and the Car Alarm

I like the idea of getting the car towed, but I have another suggestion. And it doesn’t require a tuxedo.

Olaf (aka caller) can walk by the car on his way to work every day and gently nudge it to trigger the alarm. After a week or so, the car’s battery should be dead, and he doesn’t have to hear the alarm in the middle of the night.

Great idea @jorgecolby. This idea was used in a 1960’s film. I forget the name, but it involved a robbery at an art museum. Maybe it was called “Kismet”. Anyway, in the movie, the art thieves triggered the alarm every night for a week. They did it by flying a boomerang through the light beams which were guarding the artwork as I recall. Finally the museum had to turn off the alarm b/c the neighbors were complaining that the alarm was waking them up night after night. The next night, the thieves walked away with the stolen art.

I think this idea of yours is good to go.

Yup, just trigger the bad boy every 45 min. You could get a street kid to do this for a few bucks. BTW send a letter to the embassy that you will have random people set off the alarm until the battery dies. . Also talk to the local police cheif as to the issue. the rank and file do not care. But the chief may want to put a grant proposal for extras to the feds. Your negative feedback to the senator may ice his grant dreams.

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