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OK to use 17 inch rims and winter tires on 2013 Odyssey Touring?

We’re selling our 2011 Odyssey EX and getting a 2013 Odyssey Touring. We’re hoping to use our winter tires from the 2011 on the 2013 but since it’s a Touring everything I see says it calls for 18 inch rims. The tires and rims we have our 17 inch. Our neighbor says they’ll work but will they? Thanks for any replies.

The Tire Rack web site can answer that or even your local tire store .

The question to be answered is: Are the brakes on the 2013 too large to fit inside a 17 inch wheel. The answer is probably but…

My suggestion is, keep the winters and test fit one on the front of the 2013. If it spins without hitting the brakes I you should be OK. If they hit, sell 'em on CraigsList and buy another set.

According to discount tire, 17’s are an available optional size for the touring.

If you’re trading in the 2011, don’t give them the 17’s they won’t give any more money for the car.
If the don’t fit for some reason and they are still good most tire stores will give you something for them when buying new tires.

Other problem will be TPMS

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Another problem may be that the wheel rotational speed may be different for the same vehicle speed. This could adversely affect the engine computer, the transmission shifting points, and the ABS system. It’ s entirely possible however that the 18 inch wheels have the same outside diameter of tire as the 17 inch wheels. B/c the tire aspect ratio is different 17 vs 18.

?? As long as all tires are the same size as each other, it doesn’t matter that they’re smaller or larger than the original tires. The only problem would be the speedometer would be off.

Excellent! Thank you! I just checked Tire Rack and the exact size winter tire we have is listed as the recommended alternate. So I’m assuming they will work. We’d prefer not to buy new winter tires. We’ll keep the ones we have and sell them to a tire store if necessary. Thank you everyone for your replies!