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Acura integra 01 ls what type of oil is best?

I recently had my oil changed at the dealership.I was wanting to know what brand of oil and viscocity they use. The sevice advisor told me that they use mobil brand 5w/20w.I asked why not 5w/30,He told me that honda tells them to use 5w/20.Is this right? I live in atl,ga, the vechicle has 124k. Thanks Jack

Yes, 5W20 is better. 0W20 is even slightly better than that.

What is it with all these people wanting heaver oils that may not get in everywhere they need to?

Use what the manual specifies is best. I have a feeling new honda’s(well acura) use 5w20 and the dealer does not want to stock both since majority of cars serviced are new(er) at dealer and require 5w20.

Doesn’t the manual (and a sticker or lable under the hood) say what to use?

There should be information in the owner’s manual about recommended oil, and the oil fill cap probably has the viscosity printed on it.

What do those things indicate?

I see nothing wrong with 5W20, but, again, the recommended oil is printed in the manual.

5w-20 might allow for a little better fuel mileage, but at 124K miles, 10w-30 might afford a little better engine protection, especially in the mild Atlanta climate. I would CERTAINLY use 10/30 in the summer in a high-mileage car…

The answer to your question is in your glove box. Take out the Owner’s Manual and give it a cover to cover read. It will give you what oil to use for different conditions and driving situations. Don’t worry about the brand. Your car can’t read the label and the difference between brands is no more than that. However the specifications do vary and make sure the oil used meets or exceeds the “SE” code and meets the weight recommendations.

Honda has changed it recommendations for that car after the manual was printed. The new 5W20 oils meet a higher specification than the older 10W30.
See example below.

Let me guess you were using 5w30 before. Now guy suggest to use 5w20, there would be no harm using any of those. 5w20 would cost more I guess, but may be better for mileage.