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Oil Usage

Car is a leased 2008 2.0 turbo Komfort. No problems until I decided to buy the car at the end of the lease which is mid-August. Warning light came on telling me oil low - checked it and it was empty. Added 2 quarts and the next day took it in for service. Just shy of 3000 miles from last change to this one. No pools of oil, no oil I can see on engine. Service dept told me to come back in 500 miles and they would see if I was using an unusual amount of oil. Asked what kinds of problems this could be and they said they didn’t know. Have gone 100 miles, checked dip stick and it reads 1/2 way between max and min. Very nervous about buying this car.

If you haven’t committed to buying the car at the end of the lease, I would recommend walking away and let the leasing dealer find a new home for the car.

At the least you may have learned a lesson. Always check your oil level on a regular basis.

Now for the good news. You may not be as bad as you think. When you don’t see oil on the dipstick, it is not good, but it does not mean you are out of oil, only that it is low. If it were just two quarts low, it may not have done any damage. Just don’t make a habit of letting it go that far. Then again it may have caused some problems. I would guess the service department is planing to checking to see how much oil it is now using and will give you are report of what it means.

A quart of oil consumed every 1000 miles is considered normal in virtually every carmakers specs.

"Have gone 100 miles, checked dip stick and it reads 1/2 way between max and min."
Where was the dipstick at the beginning of the 100 miles?
You need to fill to the upper full mark then check the stick at least every fillup.
Keep a quart of oil or two in the trunk.

I hope you’ve been using synthetic oil and idling the engine to cool the turbo after driving it hard or driving on highways.
Could be the turbo leaking oil into the intake.

I’d pass on this car.

Don’t buy the car if you are nervous about it.
If you liked the car, and want one, you should buy a new car.

You didn’t say how many miles are on the car.

How often have you been getting the oil changed during the two years you have been leasing the car? Where have you been having your oil changes done at? Do you know what oil they have been putting into your VW?


So how many times in have you had the oil changed on this leased car, and on a turbo model to boot? Failure to change the oil regularly can lead to sludged or oil coked piston rings which then means it will burn oil.
Not checking the oil is also an issue that is your fault.

You should not consider buying this car for one minute. The sad part is that someone else will buy this car afterwards and then point the finger at the car dealer for “knowingly selling them a Lemon”.