Oil squirt

hi everyone my 91 toyota celica squirts oil if i pull out the oil dip stick while in idle what could the possible cause of this and any idea whats the remedy for this?other than that the car drives normal but i don’t how long.any ideas would be appreciated thanks.

Well I suggest not pulling out the dip stick with the engine running. There should be no reason to do it. You can’t get an accurate oil level measurement with the engine running. The engine should be off, car on a level surface and having been turned off for a couple of minutes to allow the oil to drain back, otherwise you would likely get a false low level and you might end up over filling the oil which could damage the engine.

It would not be unusual for there to be some pressure in in that area with the engine running and it certainly could blow out a small amount of oil, which, of course, is a second good reason for not removing the dip stick with the engine running.

Joseph is right: don’t pull out the dipstick with the engine running!

However, you may have a problem with the crankcase becoming pressurized by blowby. The PCV valve is supposed to take care of this, but if the valve is clogged and/or the blowby is excessive due to a worn engine, it will malfunction. Also be sure that you haven’t overfilled the oil.

Try not to do ANYTHING under the hood or under the car with it running. Automobiles are dumb machines and can hurt you if you don’t watch yourself. Rocketman