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Oil requirements

i own a 2010 infiniti g37x.owners manual “recommends” nissan ester oil but does not require it.should i consider using this oil?

i think this is nissans way of helping dealerships make extra money and if i use a quality

oil that meets the sae requirements

that would be fine.

lots of differing opinions on the internet.

what do you think?

I’m with you. They recommend that you spend money in their shop. You can be sure that Nissan has an oil company bottle it for them; they don’t refine anything. Make sure it’s the correct blend and meets SAE standards.

An oil with an ester base is going to be a Group V synthetic, usually these are your top tier synthetics. Make sure the oil you use does meet all the specifications that Nissan has for your car. Not all synthetic oils may measure up. In these cases just going by the API certifications may not be enough.

Check out the Castrol and Mobil oil web sites, see what they recommend for your car. I bet they make oil(s) that comply with your specs.

One of them no doubt makes the Datsun oil…

My Dodge Dart manual said to use “genuine Chryco oil”!!! It did specify the grade ranges and the API spec, SM at that time, as required by law.

P.S. That spec was “For Service MS”, no SM. The MS probably stood for Motor Severe.

This is a high-end car and a high-end oil is recommended. You might peruse the forums on “” to see what is said about Nissan ester oils. There may be oils from Mobil, Castrol, Pennzoil, etc. that meet the requirements, but if the difference in price is only 10 or 20 bucks an oil change, I’d just use what they recommend, at least until the warranty period is up.

If you don’t use what they recommend and you do have an engine problem, unlikely though it may be, they may seriously hassle you on the warranty coverage.

I definitely wouldn’t use a “dino” oil in this car.