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2019 Nissan Pathfinder - Best Oil strategy

2019 Nissan Pathfinder 3.5L. Just got this new car. What is your recommendation on the oil. I believe based on what I have heard on a local radio show here in sunny Orlando Fl. that the 0W-20 weight oil from the dealers is not the best fit. On my previous car a Toyota Highlander, I went to a private shop and used Am soil 0W 30 Signature Series with no issues. Never a check engine light. The show locally says stay away from the 20W oil. We have only 6 months of 90 plus degree weather in hot Orlando I felt better with the 0 W 30. In addition, the dealer service from Nissan on my new one has already been untrusting , paper work says one thing, real story another. What s your take on dealer service vs private garages that are high tech.
thank you,
Johnny Chastain,
Winter Garden Florida

For Petes sake , you are spending a lot of money on a vehicle. I always go by the manufactures service schedule and have it done at the dealer at least until the warranty period is over. Do you not think the people who built your vehicle know what they are doing. And you can use any Nissan dealer.


You can use what ever you want, just don’t be surprised when the dealer denies warranty work for using the improper weight and grade of oil.


Use the oil recommended by the manufacturer in the owners manual.

Your previous experience even on similar vehicles has no bearing on this one. Designs change.

Nissan designed your vehicle and tested it for 10’s of thousands of miles before selling it to you. Second guessing the folks who built it is not a good path.

If you don’t trust your Nissan dealer to do service on your Nissan, find another dealer you trust or take it to a good independent service center for your oil changes.


Care to expand on that?