Oil Pressure sensor(switch) 94 Jeep GC 5.2l 4x4

Can anyone help, the sensor according to schematics is at rear of engine next to the firewall and next to the distributor. Trouble is that I can’t even see it when I crawl up to look, let alone get a tool or socket on it to remove it. I tried looking from the bottom, but totally blocked from view. How do the mechanics get to it and take it out. Any pearls of wisdom, short of cutting a hole in the fire wall from the passanger comp, which I strongly doubt the shops do.???


It takes a deep oil press. sending unit socket. It is down below the distributor hard to see.

GM did it also on at least the 4.3,special socket is the answer,yours sounds worse though. You can practice your distributor removal skills.Maybe if just the distributor cap comes off you can get to it.

You can do it without removing anything it is just working by feel. You can see it with a mirror and light.