Oil Pressure "Sending Unit" vs Oil Pressure Switch

Hi Folks,

Have a 2012 Honda Odyssey which began throwing a Check Engine Light and Check Oil Light. My scanner revealed code P0522 which I took to be an oil sensor.

Sooooo.it is my wife’s van. Took it to dealer and they came back with a bad oil Pressure SWITCH at $302.00 ( $71 part/rest labor) . Then the next morning they text her ohhhh…after running further diagnostics it looks like it is the oils sending unit and that is $505 ( labor $210.00/unit $293/O ring $1.75).

So I said no… grab the car and let’s regroup… which she did).

So it says on the diagnostic report I looked at ROCKER ARM OIL PRSSURE SENSOR A.

So basically the sending unit is the same as the oil “sensor” (which we thought all along).

Is this something I can do myself? I have fixed a fair amount of things over the years on cars and want to do it myself if possible.

Appreciate your time!



Another possible and more ominous cause could be engine wear or a partially plugged oil passage all depending upon vehicle mileage and oil change regimen.

Granted, dealer parts over the counter are generally higher but 2 to 3 hundred sounds a bit steepish. Either one maybe 30 to 50 at the local parts house. Guessing at the cost is all. No reason this can’t be a DIY job IMO.

Not sure on a Odyssey but on a Pilot it’s a ten minute job. You might try and see if you easily access the switch before you order the part.

Hey thanks for the replies appreciate it!. I thought the Odyssey had 3 sensors from the little I have been able to find on it. Since it threw code P0522 this might indicate the one below the car near the oil filter ( Of course couldn’t be up top…)

That’s what I am trying to determine…Thanks!


The code indicates a low engine oil pressure value.

That’s the oil pressure sensor by the oil filter.


Awesome. Appreciate the information! I am having trouble finding information online on how to change it out on a Honda Odyssey but one step at a time…