Oil plug



I have a buick regal 2002 v6 supercharged. The threads where the oil plug goes in are stripped out and there is already a oversized plug in the slot. Ive been all over tryin to get an oil change and no one can get the oversized plug out! Is there anyway to take the plug out without screwing up the aluminum oil pan? And if so is there a bigger size plug that i can use to temporaily fix my leak? Any ideas any other solutions??? Please help thanks Michael


Drill a small hole through the plug. Drain oil. Plug hole with RTV Silicon gasket sealer. Change filter,add new oil. Temporary fix accomplished until plug can be replaced or until oil pan can be repaced.


Depending on how the pan is constructed, someone may be able to weld a new bung hole into it. I don’t know if they can do it without removing it.