Drain Plug

I have a 92 crown vic. And this past weekend I tried to do a oil change but the drain plug was really tight. So I took it to an oil place to see after I messed with it for over two hours. They did get it out half way, but had to put it back in. They suggested that the drain plug or the the pan is stripped, I even tried to use a cheap siphon hose that goes down through the dipstick and it wouldn’t go all the way down. So is there another way I can drain my oil without messing up my oil pan and drain plug?

You need to take it to an actual mechanic - not an oil change place - just a locally owned auto repair shop.

As them to change your oil and repair your drain plug/pan in the process. Its an easy thing to do if you know how to do it. So just get it fixed and then go on changing your oil (unless you’re the one that messed up the existing drain plug in which case you might want to just keep bringing it to the mechanic).

What Cig said.

The repair consists of oversizing and tapping the hole and putting in a helicoil or an oversized plug. As you can see from the attached link, there’s numerous suppliers of repair kits.


And if you ever go to anyone who says “you need a new oil pan” because the bung is stripped, say “thank you” and leave.