Oil Pan Gasket

I’m getting ready to replace the oil pan gasket on a 90 Toyota Corolla DLX with the 1.6L 4AFE engine. The new gasket comes with two gaskets in the pack and I have not seen this as there is usually only one gasket. Haynes manual makes no mention of this just the procedure for removing and installing the pan. Is there some procedure for two gaskets?

Are the gaskets exactly the same??? Or is one slightly different then the other???

I would check with whoever sold you the pack to see if there might have been two gaskets accidentally packaged together.

Haven’t seen this on a oil-pan gasket…but what I have seen in a few carb kits and even a valve cover gasket…there was a design change half-way through the model year. So felpro wasn’t sure what gasket you might have…so they gave you both…just use one. One carb kit I bought…for my 84 S-15…There were over 10 design changes to that carb within 1 year…the kit had about 30 gaskets and you only needed 5 of them.

Check this out first,see how much you can slow down the leak just by tightening up the pan bolts.

It’s probably an extra and the set is designed to cover more than one model.
I’ve purchased several timing cover sets (Fel-Pro) lately for small block, fuel-injected Fords and those sets include mechanical fuel pump gaskets and three water pump gaskets. The 3 pump gaskets are designed to cover the 302 and both the 351 Windsor and 351 Cleveland engine applications.

It’s cheaper for Felpro to put all possible gaskets in one package that to produce and stock two separate packages. Have you tried just snugging up the pan bolts?? Oil pan gaskets seldom need replacing…

Both Advance and Autozone carry the same felpro OS30510A gasket with two in the pack. After reading an earlier post where a Corolla of that same vintage was leaking at the crank seal, I need to look closer because that is the area where it’a leaking. I tried tightening the bolts (even shearing one off) to no avail. I agree with the covering several models theory but they look identical…

Is there a toll free customer support phone number on the package?

I guess there’s a possibility that one goes on each side of the windage tray?? Wouldn’t that be in the Haynes manual? I’ll look for the customer support #.

I tried tightening the bolts (even shearing one off) to no avail.

That might be a little too tight…If you have dimpled the pan by over-tightening the bolts, be sure to restore the bolt-holes to flat before you reinstall the pan…