Oil on Dipstick is very watery and smells of gas!

Hey car family

I recently picked up an all original 1999 Acura Integra.
I noticed the oil to be very watery and have a smell of fuel.

I quickly changed the oil, spark plugs, fuel filter, injectors and oil filter.

When I changed the fuel filter, the fuel exiting from both ends (when removed) was pretty brownish and looks dirty.

Old Spark plugs looked like they’re running just a bit lean.

Injectors were dirty and def overdue for replacement.

A couple days down the road the car still has wateryish oil and my mileage is a little iffy. I noticed the most improvement after the I replaced the injectors. It seems to be back in the same place again.

Fuel pump sounds strong
No smoke emitting from exhaust
Good compression in all cylinders
No overheating (anymore)

Any help?!?! I’m completely stuck other than changing the fuel pump. I’m just tired of throwing parts at it hoping it’ll work.

Used oil can have a sort of gasoline smell. That’s normal. Suggest to start w/fresh oil, after a drive or two take a small (one cup, say) sample of the oil from the crankcase. Put it in a glass jar overnight. Does it separate into layers? Do you smell a strong gasoline odor from it?

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Locate the fuel pressure regulator on the fuel rail.


Remove the vacuum hose from the regulator.

If gas leaks from this connection, the regulator diaphragm is leaking gas into the engine.



I’m not saying they don’t go bad but the only injector I’ve ever replaced in a million and a half miles was a diesel injector, and that was for an external leak. You might have a real rusty tank that is clogging the injectors or it might be just running rich due to a sensor problem.

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I checked the fuel reg, everything’s solid. Appreciate the response

I have yet to drain some fuel from the tank. I’m also on that page due to the mileage being pretty low on this car I know it probably sat for some time.

Oil sample collected * a bit more than a cup haha

That’s the old used oil which has sat undisturbed overnight to check for layering I presume. I can’t see any layers forming, so the “watery” problem, if there is one, must not be coolant. Did it have much gasoline odor? Other that being maybe a little more dark colored, it looks pretty similar to what I drain out of my vehicles during oil changes. If there’s no really noticeable gasoline odor, my guess is the oil’s appearance on the dipstick is normal.

I’m sure this was already solved, but Incase it wasn’t. If it actually appears to be making oil, and it also smells strongly of gas, so that you are sure they are mixing someplace…I would check your head gasket, if you checked all the other mentioned parts, because that is most likely the culprit.