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Gas in my oil!

I have a 94 Ford Explorer and I just did a routine check of my oil level and found it way over the “full” mark. I sniffed it and it smelled of gasoline…What gives and what should I do?

Don’t jump to conclsions. Drain the oil, if it does contain a significant amoun of gasoline the viscosity will be evident.

Hows the SUV running? Is the way it runs giving you a clue as to how the gas is getting in the oil? (misfiring,injector leaking down causing long crank times)

Possible diagnostic tests,wet/dry compression test,fuel pressure test,ruptured fuel pressure regulator,pull the vacuum line off it,does fuel run out?

I would go to the fuel pressure regulator first.

In the days of carburetors and mechanical fuel pumps on the side of the engine, a failing fuel pump would dilute the oil with fuel.

With a fuel injected car, about the only way that fuel can get into the oil is a leaking injector or a failed fuel pressure regulator. Either one can drain the fuel rail into the intake manifold, and hence, into a cylinder, after you turn off the engine. The fuel then slowly leaks past the rings and into the oil. Either scenario greatly accelerates engine wear, so you need to get this fixed ASAP.

If you have a vacuum-actuated fuel pressure regulator, it is easy to see if that is the problem. Just pull off the vacuum hose to the regulator and see if there is gasoline in it.

If your engine has lots of miles, and you drive frequent short trips in cold weather, you might get enough blow-by to dilute the oil significantly. A friend was able to light his oil with a match because of this. Are these your driving conditions?