Oil Loss

I have a 1995 Mitsubishi Mirage S, with a buck ninety on the clock. It leaks oil out the front, and occasionally belches a cloud of smoke when I’ve been idling a while. Would switching from 10W30 to 20W50 help? I’ve already tried Motor Honey, but that didn’t make much of a difference.

“Restore”…If that doesn’t work, “The Shredder”…

Oh, Gawd! “Motor Honey” is just another name for “Restore”. ATC, Mr. Mitsu drips/burns more oil than I’d like but he’s still a long ways off from pulling into a station to fill him with oil & check the gas. (For the record, I used to have a '68 Ford Falcon that was like that with tranny fluid.)

Replace the leaking oil seal and put new valve guides and seals in the heads.

Check The PCV System (Tubing And Hoses) And PCV Valve To Be Sure It’s Breathing Easily.


Wrong…Motor Honey is the same as STP, Restore has the same viscosity as regular motor oil…

Where’s the timing belt on this? If the belt has never been replaced then you’ve been driving a ticking time bomb for a long time.
If the oil leak is inside the belt cover then the situation is made worse because an oil-saturated timing belt is more prone to snapping.

This car should have an interference fit engine and if the belt breaks you will need some pricy cylinder head work, at a minimum. Worst dase scenario would be a complete new engine.

I stand corrected. What I used is the viscosity of, well, honey!

Oooh! Pricey, but I’ll think about it. Thanx!

190 is good for a mitsu…i think its time to start contemplating parting with the car. If you’re belching a cloud, even occasionally, that means you’re leaking a bit of oil. If you’re handy have fun pulling the motor apart…if not I think that it may be just too much cost. But then again I would get it looked at for sure just to be its not something too terrible.

I like my li’l Coupe. His performance & quirks are acceptable, considering his age & mileage, but I need another pick-up real bad!

with a buck ninety on the clock Is that 190,000 miles or what?

Sure is!

Find the leak, maybe it will be a low cost valve cover gasket. Thicker oil etc will do no good, and raising the viscosity with additives or different oil may do more harm than good.

Some Vehicles Aren’t That Bad To Put Valve Stem Seals On Without Dissambling A Lot Of The Engine. " . . . occasionally belches a cloud of smoke when I’ve been idling a while." is Classic Valve Stem Seals.

I’ll bet those seals are hardened, cracked and not doing much. It might be worth a shot. Do it yourself or get an estimate.