Oil Light Not Coming On


I drive a 2000 Isuzu Trooper. About 3 weeks ago my oil light came on while driving. I immediately stopped, checked my oil, then had my car towed to the shop, worried that I had lost oil pressure. Mechanic couldn’t find anything wrong–oil was full, pressure is fine. He couldn’t even get the light to come on once my car was at the shop. I drove home, and the light came on later during my drive. Knowing everything was okay, I continued. I brought my car in again today since the light has been consistently coming on since then (which includes constantly turning on/off, flickering, dimming, brightening). He replaced my oil sending unit. I drive away today, and the light hasn’t come on yet. However, I just realized that it also isn’t showing when I first turn my key and do a light check. I’m kind of frustrated with him (and also myself) that he or I didn’t realize that it wasn’t coming on for the light check, and instead just called it good since it wasn’t coming on while driving. Any idea what could be going on?

That was the proper repair sequence. He checked for pressue to be sure it was ok, then replaced the sending unit. It might be that the bulb just burned out or didn’t reconnect the wiring so its just back to the shop again for them to look at it again and review their work.

one thing to look out for are clogged drain holes in the head(s) I used to have a 1971 ford pick up ( many years ago with the 302 v8)…After driving a while my oil pressure gauge would drop to about 5-10 PSI…I came home and pulled the valve covers and a quart or more of of oil drained out onto the exhaust manifolds on each side of the engine after checking the oil level. which showed nothing on the stick…Turns out the drain holes were clogged up in the heads…Used a coat hanger and opened them up and re-filled the oil. After a restart I had to get the garden hose ready as the the oil on the the exaust manifolds smoked like a bandit for 10 minutes even after wiping as much as I could. The smoke filled up the driveway.

@Howie32703: That’s good general advice, but I doubt that’s what’s happening to the OP’s Isuzu, based on the information given and that fact that an oil pressure test was done.