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Oil leaks

trying to save an overhaul what`s best additive for small oil leaks? Tombo

It could be something cheap and simple to fix, like a valve cover gasket. Why do you think it would take an engine overhaul?

Thick oil. Straight 30WT. With a small leak, mix one quart in with your other weight oil when you do an oil change. It’s the cheapest way and at the 99 cent store it only costs the going rate.

It depends on what is leaking? Try one can of any of the oil leak stop products. If that does it, you may only need it occasionally. Else try a heavier oil. If that does not do it, your only choice left is to buy the cheapest oil you can find.

that was the major leaking from the valve gasket and I snugged the bolts up and I`ll use a heavy weight oil,thanks! Tom