Fixing a small oil leak in a 1998 Subaru

Hi - Thanks for the show. My 98 Legend Outback (130 k miles) leaks enough to smoke the engine when it’s hot, but not enough to drip. The dealership wants my leg to rebuild the engine. Already had the head gasket replaced. It’s not obvious where the leak is. I’d like to try an oil additive to try to patch the leak. Any recommendations??

- Thanks, Barney @ Knoxville

Any Stop Leak-type product is worth a shot for $4 a bottle. I can’t recommend a specific brand though…they’re pretty much the same.

You could also try a heavier weight oil since it’s summertime. If the leak’s small enough you’re not seeing drips, a more viscous oil (a thicker oil) might not leak at all. You’d want to make sure you switch back to the proper weight before winter, though.