Oil Leakage

Hello there! I have a really messy oil leakage problem on a 95 Pontiac Grand Am. Like the person who called in this week of 11/10 it only leaks when in motion, and there was a suggestion of it being the oil pressure switch. This car also has problems with the oil dashboard meter not reading the right amount the car has, again pointing to the oil pressure switch. Now I have done some research via internet, library and auto part clerk but no answers as to how to fix it or even where the part is located on the car. The auto parts guy told me that there could be several places where this part is located and added another doozy of how Pontiac charged the oil pressure switch model mid year to a shorter version! Please help me.

Stop pulling your hair out and have a good mechanic inspect your Pontiac.
They can probably diagnose and repair your car in a day. Good luck!!

The OP sender is usually located near the oil filter, but not always…

cal dealer shop. look into chilton book. let car run and look under engine as oil drops down and look up from there. I had oil leak on my 3800 engine only when engine was running. it was the timing gear cover gasket. this cost me $1100 dollars to replace a $3.00 part. If you have a 3800 engine gm had a problem with the cam walking and hitting the timing chain cover and rubbing a hole through it and even a small crack lets alot of oil out. they have a repair kit but you are looking at $1600 repair. dump car.