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Oil leak

1 have a 1999 jeep cherokee 4.0 liter 6cyl with 117000 mile,it has a small oil it a good idea to add some oil stop leak or will it stop up the oil filter.

Find out exactly where the oil is leaking from and fix it. It may not be that expensive to fix. If it is too expensive, try some high mileage oil like Valvoline Maxlife, some people have good luck with it.

Good advice! Don’t sink a large amount of money into a 1999 Jeep Cherokee. If a cheap fix is not possible try the high mileage oil (Valvoline, Quaker State) which has some seal expander additives in it. If that does not work, do what others do with an old car; take one of your wife’s old cookie sheets and put some kitty litter on it and place it on the garage floor. Total outlay about $5 per yaer.

Good luck!

I agree with fixing determining what is leaking and fix that first before attempting a stop-leak product.

Depending on what’s leaking the stop-leak may not even begin to affect it. Stop leak products MAY work on dried and leaking rubber seals. It won’t do anything for cellolose gaskets, leaking oil pressure sending units, etc.

And when it comes to oil leaks, always inspect the PCV valve first as a faulty PCV can pressure up the crankcase and cause oil leaks. Fix the PCV and the leak goes away.