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OIL leak

Do oil additives that claim to stop oil leaks really work

I would rather give you help with fixing your oil leak correctly. What type of car,year,engine.and where is the oil leak from?

Depends on where the oil leak is located. If it’s a seal leak, some products soften and cause the seals to swell slightly to stop the leak. If it’s a gasket leak, then no.


2001 silverado 4.8 liter im not sure some where above fly wheel. causes starter to slip when first started in morning or truck sits for awhile. after starts fine

i had a 95 cutlas 3.1 and it used a quart every5-7 days started running high milage walmart brand oil and it seemed to decrease to a quart every 3-4 weeks

You may very well have a oil leak but your are making a mistake connecting it with a starter slip,for clarity explain more about this “starter slip”

What is your number one item to resolve, the starter slip or the oil leak?

Is oil reaching the ground? (give me a clue as to how severe the oil leak is)