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Oil leak on a car that hasn't been driven in a month

Car has sat for a month, never had an oil leak before. Woke up this morning to a puddle of oil under the car. What do you think is causing this? 2000 ford mustang 106k miles

The first thing to check is the drain plug on the oil pan.


We can’t see the car from here, so no idea. Get it towed to a good shop.

Are you sure it’s oil, and not coolant? or transmission fluid?

The next thing to do is dip a white paper towel in the oil. Is it brown? - Motor oil Is is red? Transmission fluid Is it kind-of yellow? Brake fluid Is it green? Coolant.

That statement means nothing - you have a leak now. This is an 18 year old car, stuff can just leak.

It does not take much oil to make a large puddle. Check your oil level first. You could have had a leak all along but it just did not show until vehicle sat for a month.

good point, it could be only a quart low. Check the oil level. But first try to determine what the fluid is.