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Oil leak in Camry 96

I have been shopping around to buy a Toyota Camry. I am student, so looking for older ones. Seen several 96 camry. But all of them have oil leaking problem from mild to moderate degree. All of them runs so good. I am facing difficulty to tke decision. Can some one give me an idea, how much money may be needed to fix the oil leak, minimum to maximum $$. Serious advice please.

Oil leaks run the gamit from $1.00 too $1000.00 for me to give a answer I must know precisely where is the leak. You want to stay away from leaks that require transmission or cylinder head removal,most else can be dealt with reasonably,that is unless the engine types we are talking about have front timing covers,removal of these covers are time consuming and then there is the oil pan leaks,sometimes just tightening up the bolts fixes these,sometimes not,pans are expensive to remove and replace the gasket. The oil pan drain plug crush washers are pretty cheap to replace.