Dura Seal for a Lexus oilm leak

2001 Lexus RX 300, 115,000 mi–has an oil leak. I was adding a high mileage additive. I know that the leak is engine oil. Should I try Dura Seal—or a similar product before I get a diagnosis??

What are the symptoms? Anything more aggressive than a ‘high mile’ oil is too aggressive, to me. There are lots of small passages and clearances the oil needs to flow through.

I’m going to bet its the valve cover gaskets, cam seals, or both, which are very common on the Toyota V6.

You might want to combine this repair with a timing belt and water pump, and spark plugs, if it needs them. There should be significant labor savings.

Where is the oil leaking??

No more additives until you know the source of the leak…They can do more harm than good…Many oil leaks can be repaired quickly and cheaply…