Oil Leak and P0455 (gross emissions leak)

I have an Infiniti I35 and I recently have been getting a P0455 code (gross emissions leak) and having a small oil leak I believe around either the oil pan or oil filter. I’m not sure if the two are related or not. I’ve changed out the gas cap because I know that can cause the issue. The oil leak is very slow. Every now and then I will see a drop on the driveway and then I won’t see anything for a few days. I keep checking the oil just to make sure it doesn’t get to low. I’ve also noticed that when it’s cold in the morning it might leak a little but once it’s warmed up it stops.

The code reads EVAP System Gross Leak (0.080") Detected. The new gas cap was a good call, but it didn’t fix the problem and you need the dealer or a specialist to test the system. The oil leak is not related the code.
As to the oil leak, it is probably not the oil filter unless the part was cross threaded during replacement (unlikely) or it was overtightened, crushing the gasket (likely). The solution is to get an oil and oil filter change (not by the guy that replaced it last time). If you still have a lower engine oil leak it is the oil pan, and that is costly.