Oil is slowly leakeing due to Thread damage


I regularly take my car to Wal-Mart to do the oil change. They had this new guy who over tightened the bolt that goes in the oil pan. Now slowly the car is leaking oil. I took it back to wal mart and they admitted that it was there mistake. Now they want me to go to an independent auto shop so that they can rethread my oil pan. My question is does rethreading fixes my problem with leaking oil. How long does the rethreading last? Would it be better to change the whole OIL pan.


Rethreading works and it’s permanent. They’ll actually tap the hole to the next size up and install a new plug.

Is WalMart going to repay you for the cost of the work?


Are you sure they didn’t just break the gasket between the plug and the pan? The only problem with re-threading the pan is the metal shavings that end up inside the oil pan. If it was mine I would take it to my independent mechanic for a proper diagnosis and suggested repair. Take that qoute back to Wal-Mart for authorization of repair.


If the treads are damaged, the standard fix is to rethread it. While there is a remote chance of some metal shavings getting in there, but proper work will usually eliminate it and then that is the kind of thing that a oil filter is there for.

The final results are good.