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Oil Pan

I am purchasinga '99 Chrysler Concorde from my best friend - she bought it new. I’ve always had oil changed at Walmart. Last time, they told me the “threads” came out when they pulled the plug from the oil pan and there was a healy (?) coil in there. Walmart sent me to a local repair shop since it was Friday night and their shop of choice was closed on Sat. Local shop repaired w/an oversize plug, but recommended the pan be replaced. Following Monday I went to the recommended shop and they told me the pan should be replaced, but told Walmart it didn’t need to be replaced. What will happen if I don’t replace the pan?

As long as the oversize drain plug works nothing will happen. When the plug can no longer be tightened, and the oil won’t stay in the pan, you will probably have to replace the pan.

If the hole was properly retapped and the oversize plug properly installed you’re perfectly fine. You need do nothing more. The hole being slightly larger than it was when it came from the factory is absolutely meaningless as long as the plug is the right size for it and the threads are good.

Apparently the shop your friend was taking her car to is staffed by gorillas. Don’t go there.

Probably nothing. Keep an eye out under your car for signs of oil leaks. If you see any drips under there, then get it checked out.

Most importantly - don’t get your oil changed or anything else done to your car at Walmart. The problems with the “threads” come from “cross-threading” which is easily preventable with a half of a brain, and a tiny bit of attention. These large chain auto service places are known for this sort of thing.

Ask around about that recommended shop and the other one you went to and see what people have to say about it. Once you find a local shop you can trust, use them for oil changes and other service.